Small actions – big impacts

During the period 6.9.2010 – 31.1.2011 the inhabitants in the South-West Finland are challenged to do small actions that together gives big impacts. During the campaign the inhabitants, companies, organisations and housing cooperatives takes concrete action against the climate change.
The changes in consumption behaviour are followed in saving water and electricity, food choices and on mode of transport and amount of waste.

Valonia, the centre for sustainable development and energy issues, and its project KELAA! is arranging the campaign.

The small actions can be registered on the campaign web site where you also find ecological tips and articles. The campaign is unique because concrete indicators are made for every action. With these indicators it is easy to see that small individual actions really do matter. Every action has its own decreased pollution effect which shows that small actions have big impacts.

During the campaign an intensified campaign for pilot groups is carried out. The pilot groups consist of 15 housing cooperatives and a few individual households in the Turku area. The results of the pilot groups will be reported on the campaign’s web site.

Now it’s possible to see what can be achieved when the whole South-West region is challenged to small actions. When other people can do it, why can’t I, too? The results of the campaign will be represented in the Solutions local, together conference in 1st of February 2011.

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