Local Solutions

The Solutions local, together – conference focuses on practical solutions. The Local Solutions visits and meetings offered are an important part of the Conference in taking the discussions further and introducing practical onsite solutions in the city of Turku and its region.

Each of local events starts at the City Theatre and ends at the Market of Solutions, where the participants will have an opportunity to get to know even more solutions and relax over a cocktail before enjoying a local food dinner at a chosen restaurant in the city of Turku.

1. Combined waste water treatment and heat production (Kakola WWT plant and thermal pump) 2. Biovakka biogas plant AND Turku Energy biofuel plant
English Swedish 14:30-16:00
Finnish 16:00-17:30
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
3. History as a part of modern urban development 4. New life behind defunct walls – Kakolanmäki and Linnankaupunki
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
5. New tools in regional planning 6. Implementation of the climate and environment programme of the city of Turku by including SD issues into the city budget
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00 Finnish English 15:00-17:00
7. Self evaluation of sustainability work in municipalities 8. Wellbeing with culture and exercise – Central Park of Culture and exercise
Image 9 14:00-18:00 Image 10 14:30-16:30
9. Sustainability paths to schoolchildren's lives 10. Quality and sustainable development in the public sector organizations
Finnish Swedish 14:30-16:30 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
11. NordMaB “get-together” – for Biosphere Reserves in the Nordic Countries and Baltic Sea Region 12. To manage and measure emissions from motor vehicles
English 14:30-17:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-16:30
(13. How to behave almost like original Turku citizen?)
14. European Capital of Culture Turku 2011
Finnish 14:30-16:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
15. Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:30
Short films Market of Solutions
Finnish Swedish English 15:00-18:00 Finnish Swedish English 12:00-18:00