History as a part of modern urban development

14.30 - 17.00 Finnish Swedish English

By bus from the city theatre

Medieval Turku was the second largest town in the Swedish realm when Finland belonged to Sweden, and this history is still a highly important and visible part of the modern Turku cityscape. This study tour exhibits how the captivating and long history of Finland’s oldest town has been adapted to be a part of Turku’s contemporary urban development. It will take you to the unique ruins of a town quarter, Aboa Vetus, where the Old Turku and New Art meet, Turku Art Museum which is located into the national-romantic granite castle just in the heart of Turku. The tour will end at the Åbo Akademi University Faculty of Arts building, named Arken. This old iron mill block from the 1850’s is a great example of an excellent refurbishment and infill development in the old university town.

Hosts: City of Turku, the tour is guided by Iina Paasikivi.

City of Turku