Self evaluation of sustainability work in municipalities

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Aula café, Aboa Vetus
By bus from the city theatre

This training workshop focuses on the benchmarking and evaluation of the sustainability processes in cities and municipalities. The participants of the workshop have a possibility to test two tools for evaluation and discuss their applicability in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region contexts.

Host: Åbo Akademi University

Informed Cities Workshop Program
1st of February 2011, Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum Turku, Finland

14.00 Opening of the workshop: Presentation of the Informed Cities initiative – how to make research work for local sustainability?
Sam Grönholm, Åbo Akademi University Finland
14.15 Evaluating local sustainability in a Baltic Sea context – existing tools, requirements and practice.
Prof. Marko Joas, Åbo Akademi University Finland
15.30 Coffee/tea break
15.45 Introduction to Local Evaluation 21 (LE21)
Sam Grönholm, Åbo Akademi University Finland
16.00 Introduction to Urban Ecosystem Europe (UEE)
Lorenzo Bono, Ambiente Italia
16.30 Debate: Exploring synergies between existing tools and LE21/UEE. Are there opportunities to integrate these tools into a Baltic Sea evaluation context?
Facilitators Marko Joas, Lorenzo Bono and Sam Grönholm
17.15 Final discussion: The “real” character of evaluating local sustainability.
What are the obstacles local governments have to deal with when evaluating sustainability? And most importantly: what do local governments really need?
Facilitators Marko Joas, Lorenzo Bono and Sam Grönholm
18.00 End of workshop

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