Combined waste water treatment and heat production (Kakola WWT plant and thermal pump)

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The Kakola waste water treatment plant is the newest Finnish wastewater treatment plant which was taken into use in 2009. Kakola is serving all 300 000 inhabitants in the Turku Region with a treating capacity of 110 000 m3 per day. Modern technology has improved the water treatment results remarkably, e.g. the phosphorus load has dropped from 16 t/year to less than 10 t/year. Also the heat energy of the sewage water is transferred into distant heating energy (18 MW) and distant cooling energy (35 MW) in a special thermal energy plant owned by Turku Energy Ltd. During the praxis, participants will travel through the treatment process with the help of professional guides and an audiovisual guiding system.

Host: City of Turku and Turun Seudun Puhdistamo Ltd.

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