New life behind defunct walls - Kakolanmäki and Linnakaupunki

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By bus from the city theatre

The Kakola prison area, located in Kakolanmäki, is a unique area in Finland and an important part of Turku and its architectural heritage. For more than a century, this closed entity has been fascinating locals' and visitors' minds. If only the walls could tell the extraordinary destinies and spectacular tales. The neighbouring area, the Linnakaupunki district and its central, the Turku castle, is a more than 700-year-old part of the local history, the castle being one of the most significant historical monuments in Finland.

Now, after the prison has been closed down, these areas will be transformed to residential, office and cultural use. On this guided tour you will make acquaintance with the rich past of these areas, and get a demonstration on how the old spirit can be preserved in the transformation processes when the purpose of the use will be changed.

Hosts: City of Turku, the tour is guiged by Paula Keskikastari.

City of Turku