NordMaB “get-together” – for Biosphere Reserves in the Nordic Countries and Baltic Sea Region

14.30 - 17.00 English

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, 1st floor

Biosphere reserves function within the framework of an international program called Man and the Biosphere (MAB). The program facilitates a global network of Biosphere Reserves that function as model-areas for sustainable development. Today we have more than 560 reserves in over 100 countries, that all have adapted their activities to the local needs and preconditions. Smaller regional and thematic networks have been established for inter-change of experiences and cooperation between the Biosphere Reserves. One of these networks is the NordMaB –network, which includes the Nordic countries and the countries in the Baltic Sea Region.

The cooperation in the NordMab network has been sporadic and there has not been developed any common programs for the region. Many of the regions have though built up their own contacts in the NordMaB- network. The NordMaB network seems to be extending fast and during the coming decade there will be many new Biosphere Reserves established in the Nordic countries and Baltic Sea Region.

The NordMaB get-together is arranged to inspire the Biosphere Reserves to cooperate, to find similarities in their goals and activities, and to share experiences of both activities in the Biosphere Reserves and of the local management of the program.

The NordMaB get-together gives a possibility, to those who work with or have any kind of connection to a Biosphere Reserve, to get to know each other and discuss following issues:
1. The main emphases for the NordMaB Biosphere Reserves (all participants representing a Biosphere Reserve are prepared to present shortly (5-10min) the emphases of their area and with examples of activities)
2. Models for financing the Biosphere Reserve management and activities (all participants representing a Biosphere Reserve are prepared to present shortly (5-10min) how the management and activities are financed)
3. Improved communication of the Biosphere Reserves. We discuss possibilities and needs for communication and cooperation.

Everyone who is interested is welcome to participate!

Program for NordMAB-get-together 1st February 2011, 14:30-17:00

Welcome by the chairman of the Steering Group of Archipelago Sea Area Biosphere Reserve, Osmo Purhonen, ELY-central, Turku, Finland
Greetings from the MAB-secretariat, Meriem Bouamrane, MAB-secretariat, UNESCO, France
A view back on NordMAB history, Toomas Kokovkin, national MAB-commission of Estonia

Biosphere Reserves in NordMAB
• Presentations of each BR:s emphasis and financing (5-10min each)
• Discussion about the content and financing

Discussions about NordMAB cooperation and communication
• Different forms for cooperation
• Tools for communication
• Network meetings


Host: NordMaB network