Sustainability paths to schoolchildren´s lives

School Children event
Turku Concert House 1st of February, 2011

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When walking on the Environment path, school children have the possibility to experience nature in a subjective way. This helps to create a positive relationship to nature and the environment. In the school childrens’ event, participants get to know about the activities and sustainability guidelines of the Environment path project (2008-2010), funded by the Education Board of the City of Turku and The Finnish National Board of Education. In particular, the event introduces the results and experiences gained in the Water path for 5th graders that was introduced in autumn 2010 in connection with the school camps organized by the City of Turku. This Water path was initiated by the Solutions local, together –conference preparations.

The event consists of two parts:

A) Functional exhibition: 9.00 -15.00, open for all, 3rd to 9th graders
In the exhibition pupils have the possibility to walk a strech of the Environment and Water path by doing and experimenting themselves. In the action points e.g. Valonia, Turun Seudun Jätehuolto Ltd. (Turku region waste management), Tammenterho Nature school, WWF and the Nordic Council of Ministers are displaying their activities. On display there are also ideas for future marine devices of the 5th graders that have walked the Water path. Furthermore, works of visual art as well as photographs by Turun Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu high school are presented at the exhibition.

B) Environment as part of everyday life in schools in Turku 15.00-16.00
Participants: environmental contact persons in the Board of Education of the City of Turku; conference quests and representatives from different schools


  • Opening of the conference, Vesa Kulmala, Services Manager, the Board of Education of the City of Turku
  • Speech by the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson
  • Environment path - what is it?
  • Results and activities of the 5th grade water path in the form of a video show from Högsåra
  • Green flag in everyday school life, the student parliament of Vasaramäki school
  • Award ceremony of the poster competition of the Finland-Russia-society
  • Kick start for the 9th grade product Elinkaari project, Representative of Valonia
  • Music by choir Laululintuset
  • Closing words – Thank you and bon voyage to sustainability paths, Representative of the Board of Education of the City of Turku

Conference guests and environmental contact persons can familiarize themselves with the functional exhibition at 14.00 -15.00.

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For the part of the Board of Education of the City of Turku:

Secondary schools
Mervi Viipuri

Elementary schools
Leena Majaniemi

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