Videos of presentations are available on the Solutions 2011 YouTube channel.

9:00 Registration and Coffee
Conference is moderated by Gunvor Kronman, Director of Hanasaari-the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo, Finland and Alf Rehn, Chair of management and organization at Åbo Akademi University in Finland

Importance of local level solutions for the Baltic Sea region, Mari Kiviniemi, Prime minister of Finland

Innovative solutions - a basis for sustainable cities, Ilmar Reepalu, Lord Mayor, Malmö, Sweden

Nordic welfare model, climate change and sustainable development:

  • Introduction to the panel, Marjatta Bardy, Research Professor, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
  • Panel by the Ministers of the Nordic Cooperation:
    • Jan Vapaavuori, Minister of Housing, Finland
    • Veronica Thörnroos, Minister of Transport, Åland
    • Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade, Sweden
    • Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Iceland
    • Palle Christiansen, Minister for Finance and Nordic cooperation, Greenland
12:15 Lunch
13:30 4 parallel sessions:
1.1 Sustainable urban transport 2.1 Water and recreation
3.1 Processes to tackle climate change 4.1 Education and learning for sustainable development
15:30 Coffee break
16-18:00 4 parallel sessions:
1.2 Creative urban planning 2.2 State of the Baltic Sea
3.2 Eco- and energy- efficient technologies 4.2 Rethinking working methods
19:30 Dinner hosted by the city of Turku at the Voluntary Fire Brigade House, Eskelinkatu 5
Speech by the Mayor of Turku, Aleksi Randell
Speech by the Secretary General of Nordic Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson


Local solutions supported by the European energy policies, Pirita Lindholm, Member of the Covenant of Mayors Office / Climate Alliance

Sustainable energy future, Peter Lund, Professor, Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Finland

Cooperation is the solution for a sustainable Baltic Sea Region, Mart Jüssi, Member of Estonian Parliament, Estonia

Award for Climate Change Solutions - competition, Johnny Åkerholm, President and CEO, Nordic Investment Bank

10:30 Coffee
11:15 4 parallel sessions:
1.3 Diversity of nature 2.3 Water and climate change
3.3 Renewable energy 4.3 Sustainable consumption and lifestyles
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Praxis (with coffee break) Flags indicate the choice of languages
1. Combined waste water treatment and heat production (Kakola WWT plant and thermal pump) 2. Biovakka biogas plant AND Turku Energy biofuel plant
English Swedish 14:30-16:00
Finnish 16:00-17:30
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
3. History as a part of modern urban development 4. New life behind defunct walls – Kakolanmäki and Linnankaupunki
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
5. New tools in regional planning 6. Implementation of the climate and environment programme of the city of Turku by including SD issues into the city budget
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00 Finnish English 15:00-17:00
7. Self evaluation of sustainability work in municipalities 8. Wellbeing with culture and exercise – Central Park of Culture and exercise
Image 9 14:00-18:00 Image 10 14:30-16:30
9. Sustainability paths to schoolchildren's lives 10. Quality and sustainable development in the public sector organizations
Finnish Swedish 14:30-16:30 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
11. NordMaB “get-together” – for Biosphere Reserves in the Nordic Countries and Baltic Sea Region 12. To manage and measure emissions from motor vehicles
English 14:30-17:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-16:30
(13. How to behave almost like original Turku citizen?)
14. European Capital of Culture Turku 2011
Finnish 14:30-16:00 Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:00
15. Gender, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Finnish Swedish English 14:30-17:30
Short films Market of Solutions
Finnish Swedish English 15:00-18:00 Finnish Swedish English 12:00-18:00
17-18:00 Aalborg Commitments Get-together at Brewery Restaurant Koulu
18-19:00 Cocktail at the Market of Solutions at Brewery Restaurant Koulu
19:30 Local food dinner in chosen restaurants

Emerging solutions from the parallel sessions, Annika Lindblom, Senior Adviser, Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, Ministry of the Environment and Björn Grönholm, Head of Secretariat, Commission on Environment Secretariat, Union of the Baltic Cities, Finland

Sustainable Development - more about competent leadership than values, Professor Karl-Henrik Robèrt, The Natural Step, Sweden

Green growth by breaking the food chain, Matti Rihko, CEO, Raisio Ltd, Finland

10:30 Coffee

Best of Tuesday praxis (video clip)

EU 2020 goals and everyday life of citizens – How do these worlds meet?, Torbjörn Kevin, chief-editor, Åbo Underrättelser, Finland
Our Solutions and commitments, Jarkko Virtanen, Vice-mayor, Turku and Mikko Jokinen, Head of Environment, Turku, Finland

Future municipality – solutions as perspective, Leena Karessuo, Director for Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Environment, Finnish Association for Local and Regional Authorities

Host of the next Nordic conference

Closing remarks

12:30 Farewell lunch