What was left behind?

The preparation of a sustainable conference was a very rewarding process as the majority of the persons contacted over the preparations said instantly “No one has ever asked for that before.”, “I have never thought of that” or “Let me check if it is possible.” It would have been much more easier to take the normal offers and arrange a conference without thinking about sustainability. It would have been easier, but not so rewarding! Sustainable arrangements required "clear vision and aims, perseverance, team work and courage".


It has been a learning process that created a lot of new knowledge, synergy and new ways of work for all the actors involved. As part of the process, it was possible to showcase what a sustainable conference can be/should be like and what is needed for it. Now it remains to be seen, if the learnings are being used elsewhere, as it is possible to be much more sustainable than we are nowadays with our meetings, conferences and events. Take the challenge and make your next meeting more sustainable!


Many times, after the event, the organizer is left with loads of materials. What happened this time? What was left behind?

  • 6 conference books
  • 3 new carpets made as workplace health promotion activity
  • 500 name lanyards to be used again
  • 6 aprons for further use
  • one wooden exhibition leg for a poster
Decorative flowers